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What is a gift card manufacturer or printer?

What is a gift card manufacturer or printer?

What is a gift card manufacturer or printer?

Definition of a gift card manufacturer or printer

The gift card manufacturer is responsible for printing the physical gift cards and eventually sending them to the brand’s recipients or buyers.

They can work directly with the brand, or with the platform provider, if the brand uses a third party for its gift card program.

Either way, the printer is the last player in the process and remains an important one for physical gift cards. The last link in the chain.

Physical gift card delivery: a challenge

Physical gift card delivery is an important part of the customer experience. If the buyer sends it directly to the recipient, package delivery is the actual gift-giving experience. It has to be unique and flawless.

The manufacturer has a key role to play in this step. Any delay will have a direct impact on the delivery, and if the product does not meet the printing requirements, it will also impact the delivery.

Right from the beginning of the process, you have to be clear and transparent about the printing and delivery deadlines. There should always be some minimum follow-up.

But to improve the experience, why not make tracking more fun?

The package, and the physical gift card package, must be thought through. It has to be attractive, it has to look like a gift. Why not work on a box? or a premium envelope? Why not consider an innovative way to open the package?

Check with the printer first, to see if they can create the packaging around the card.

The same goes for malls or gift card displays in stores. Can the printer make displays?

How to choose the right gift card manufacturer or printer?

Compliance with the instructions

The bar code, the validity date, the brand, etc… so many elements to display. For example, if the card code and the barcode are not printed correctly, it will be impossible to redeem the card.

Printing quality and packaging

The quality of the gift cards remains important. The design that will be printed must be perfect, as well as the materials used. The brand image is at stake.

Securing the cards during delivery

Security of physical gift cards during delivery is very important. Ideally, the cards should not be active until they are purchased in a store or activated by the recipient.

Theft or loss can result in revenue loss for brands.

Technical implementation with the different players

Unless the brand has developed its gift card internally, the printer must be able to implement it technically with the processor and/or the platform provider to facilitate information transfers.

Flow management

There will be many flows. On orders, related information, payments, etc. Some flows will be very sensitive, such as gift card code data. Information security must be ensured from end to end. Automation will be a significant advantage in manufacturing and delivery times.

Order flexibility

The printer or manufacturer must be flexible if a brand is working on its B2C and B2B gift cards. For B2C, creating, printing, and delivering gift cards on the fly with different amounts will be needed. For B2B, creating several gift cards for a single order will be needed.

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