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Co-creating with the finest brands a more efficient customer acquisition channel

At Buybox, we believe that the gift card is essential for brands looking to have a profitable acquisition and loyalty channel while maintaining complete control over their customer knowledge from start to finish.

Galerie Lafayette

The story of Buybox

Buybox is a fintech based in Toulouse (France), founded in 2010.

It originated in social payment, at a time when online group funding and multi-person purchases were emerging, with the idea of re-enchanting payments.

In 2015, faced with the adoption of social payment still in its infancy, Buybox decided to take a strategic turn by focusing on the digital gift card. Straight from the United States, Buybox was convinced that the e-gift card, with its flagship multi-party fundraising feature, could find its market in France.

To give itself every chance, Buybox developed a SaaS solution in plug and play, to facilitate the implementation of a complex project at the beginning.

Just a few months after the release of the solution, Buybox signed its first customers who were part of the leading French e-commerce businesses.

Always looking for new areas of growth, a course dedicated to professionals was launched 3 years later, followed quickly by the launching of new major brands (Galeries Lafayette, Sephora and Leclerc).

Buybox soon expanded across Europe and grew its client portfolio.

And in 2019, Buybox embarked on its multichannel pursuits and created the largest network in Europe with more than 90 distribution partners and resellers ready to distribute brand gift cards.

At the same time, the solutions are adopted by more than 400 brands and the business volume exceeds 500 million euros.

The adventure has only just begun...

Founded in 2010
Based in Toulouse and Madrid
Millions in annual business volume

Our values


We believe that mutual respect and constant support among colleagues foster a positive and fulfilling work environment, allowing everyone to thrive and succeed.


We quickly adapt to changes, embrace innovation, and are always ready to take on new challenges to stay at the forefront of our industry and satisfy our clients.


We encourage creativity and initiative, constantly seeking to improve our products, services, and processes to exceed our clients' expectations and remain market leaders.


We value talent, determination, and commitment, and we strive to provide professional development opportunities to help each team member reach their full potential.


We believe in open and honest communication, both internally and with our clients and partners, thus ensuring strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust.


We are committed to providing personalized support and quality assistance at every step, ensuring our clients' satisfaction and the success of their projects.

Our commitments

As part of developing our CSR policy, Buybox is committed to minimizing our daily waste production and promoting its valorization and recycling. To this end, we have implemented recycling in the company through Easytri, an eco-enterprise based in Toulouse. Easytri handles the installation of waste recovery points in businesses and their subsequent collection, sorting the waste into approved streams. Thanks to this action, we have proudly obtained the Easytri certification.

‍Our CEO, Aria Ardalan, is also committed to good environmental practices, by joining the Imagine collective and Reforest'Action, which brings together leaders around a common belief: the importance of engaging in the global reforestation project to restore ecosystems and preserve biodiversity by funding various projects: planting, regenerating forests, and preserving biodiversity.

Lastly, in 2021, Buybox received the silver certification from Ecovadis, a global organization that rates companies on CSR performance.

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