Press Media Kit

Find all our guidelines regarding Buybox for optimal use of our brand.

Primary logo

Our primary logo combines our brand name with our lockup. Whenever possible, we request that our primary logo be used with its main colors. On dark backgrounds, you are advised to use our primary inverted logo.

Our colors

Comfortable on both light and dark backgrounds, the main color of the Buybox brand is a subtle desaturated blue. Light and dark accents are preferred for monochrome use of the logotype, while the brand color is generally reserved for backgrounds.

RGB: 255 189 89
HEX: FE4567
RGB: 254 69 103
Blue navy
HEX: 0B1839
RGB: 11 24 57
Pastel blue
RGB: 218 222 253
Pastel pink
RGB: 255 220 227


Buybox in 140 characters

Buybox is a SaaS solution that enables top e-commerce and retail brands to build a high-performing, omnichannel gift card program.


Buybox is the go-to gift card solution guaranteeing e-commerce and retail brands an omnichannel customer acquisition channel with a quick and demonstrable ROI.

At Buybox, we believe that brands should focus on two key aspects: customer experience and revenue generation. The gift card is a powerful tool that perfectly meets both of these.

We found that the gift card project was often complex for brands. This is why we offer a 360 solution and global support that allows e-retailers and retailers to set up an efficient, effective and growth-oriented gift card program.

Based in Toulouse and Madrid, BuyBox has existed since 2010 and has just over 35 employees. More than 400 leading brands in their verticals (Sephora, Galeries Lafayette, Airbnb, E.Leclerc, Zalando, Netflix, Back Market, Orchestra, Deliveroo) use Buybox to turn their gift card program into a success.

Usage reminder

This is a legal and friendly reminder that these graphic elements are protected under intellectual property laws.

What to do

Leave space around the Buybox logo and its lockup. Whether they are large or small, give them the chance to breathe and not appear cluttered.

What not to do

Do not modify these files in any way.
Display these items in a way that suggests a relationship, affiliation, or approval by Buybox for your product, service, or business.
Use these elements as part of the name of your own product, business, or service.
Combine these items with others without written consent from Buybox.

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