How did Plebicom multiply its business volume by four between Christmas 2021 and 2022 via Buybox Network?

Plebicom is a specialist in private-label and white-label incentive and cashback programs. Through ebuyclub or via its 45 broadcasters, Plebicom seeks to make its program attractive by adding new awards and new brands.

In a context where consumers seek to gain purchasing power, Plebicom is counting on brand e-gift cards to enrich its program. The Buybox aggregator allows him to test and validate this new segment quickly.

In this customer's case, you will find

  • Detailed results of Plebicom's performances
  • The strategy used to increase sales through Buybox Network
  • Advice from Thibaut, Plebicom Customer Director

"With Buybox Network, one week is enough between connecting with a brand and distributing it. In direct marketing, we need at least one month to validate the project internally and then move on to technical implementation. With large accounts, this can take up to 1 year."

Thibaut Legrand - Customer Director

plebicom x buybox

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