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Our turnkey solutions help you easily manage your entire gift card program and rapidly improve your performance.

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Servicing the biggest brands and retailers

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“Our E-Gift card solutions have proven to be very successful since they were launched. They are very different from anything offered by our competitors and all our performance indicators to date have been very positive.”

Bertrand Colomina, Marketing Digital Projects Manager

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“BuyBox has demonstrated its agility by offering a service tailored to our needs and to the market. The platform is fun and easy to use, improving our customers’ user experience.”

Arnaud Leray, Works Council Market Manager

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Create value with your
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Gift cards have always been a great way to offer gifts for different occasions. At BuyBox, we believe they are much more than that. That’s why we offer brands and retailers white-label gift card SaaS solutions and performance-boosting features.

How gift cards have changed in recent years


We understand your need to focus on your core business. That’s why we want to become your partner in success, giving you the keys to create a new source of value through the use of gift cards. From gaining customers and building their loyalty to developing new sales channels, BuyBox solutions create a solid foundation for the development of your brand strategy.

Improve or create your gift card program

Take your gift card service to the next level with our solutions for individuals and businesses. Create, digitize and distribute your
gift cards to meet your needs.

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Access to e-gift cards for brands
and retailers

Do you want to increase your e-gift card offering or expand your
loyalty, reward or incentive program? Join our network.

Fully compatible
with the most widely used CMS and payment gateways

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Gaining new customers and building loyalty using e-gift cards


Choosing the right gift card solution

What criteria need to be considered? What areas do I need to pay most attention to ?


E-gift cards, a powerful marketing tool

Find out how to use digital gift cards as part of your marketing strategy.

Take your
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