BuyBox the pioneer
of the digitized and omnichannel gift card

Our desire to help brands and retailers boost their agility in the gift card market has led us to create a comprehensive and innovative solution.

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Our story

BuyBox is a FinTech based in Toulouse
and born of a simple observation:


Gift cards have always been a very complex project to manage:

Their integration with e-commerce and in-store IT systems, internationalization, financial flow management, user experience and customer support must all be taken into consideration.

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That’s why BuyBox has designed and developed an omnichannel e-gift card technology in SaaS and “plug & play” mode.

It now enables retailers to roll out their digitized gift card service under their own brand. This ease of process has led to brands quickly unlocking a new source of revenue.


Our mission

While many players offer plastic gift cards (sometimes single channel and cumbersome to manage), we offer a secure, digitized, omnichannel gift card solution.

This solution allows you to make considerable logistical savings and meets customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to last-minute gift giving, which is happening more and more often.

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A technology that’s constantly evolving

BuyBox is the result of more than five years’ R&D,
combining close observation of the payment industry
with careful listening to the needs of retailers.

This R&D work has enabled us to equip our platform with innovative features.

These relate to areas such as loyalty building and the purchase of cards to buying joint gifts, which has a social dimension, as well as strengthening the solution and making it more secure through a scalable anti-fraud protocol.

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We work hard every day to perfect our technology and our services. Our platform and features are regularly updated and our clients benefit from this at no extra cost.

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