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The BuyBox services were born from the following observations: acquisition of new customers is extremely expensive, in particular on the internet, and customers are each time more volatile. The main activity of BuyBox is to provide brands with turnkey solutions allowing them to boost their customers acquisition and placing the brand and the loyalty as the central elements of the strategy.

BuyBox, pionneer of the digitized and omnichannel gift cards

BuyBox has designed and developped a SaaS technology allowing merchants and brands to deploy easily their own e-gift card service, on an omnichannel mode.

Whereas most of competitors offer physical plastic cards, often monochannel and heavy to manage, BuyBox delivers digital and omnichannel gift cards . This solution allows to save significant logistical costs while meeting the expectations of the brand customers, especially in terms of last minutes or immediate gifting.

R&D – exclusive new features

BuyBox is based in Toulouse, France and was established in 2010. It is the result of five years R&D, in combination with a detailed study of the payment industry, whilst listening carefully to the needs of e-retailers and brands. Thanks to R&D, the BuyBox platform includes exclusive loyalty features and social payment features like the ability to allow group gifting.

BuyBox is constantly working to improve its technology and services. The platfom is updated regularly and our customers enjoy the advantages of the new features without any additional costs.

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