The e-gift card for Christmas in figures

by | 18 Oct, 2021 | INSIGHTS

During Christmas, brands and retailers become multitasking professionals, they must manage multiple solutions to form a consistent and effective strategy in order to maximize sales. And there is a large range of solutions to choose from. Between previews, promotions, push messages, … brands must select the most relevant options for their business. Among them, we can find e-gift cards, also called digital gift cards, which is a particularly interesting tool during the holiday season.

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Adding digital gift cards to your strategy for the holidays has never been so relevant. Expanding your product range with gift cards will enable you to meet consumer needs as they are always looking for gifts that are better and quicker. Offering it in digital format will specifically please millennials, they are a new generation of consumers that’s becoming a top target for brands.

Another positive aspect of the card is that it brings in additional revenue and turnover, on top of the rest of the brand’s activity. And if they really want to make the most of this tool, they will be able to use it for multiple marketing purposes (acquisition, loyalty, etc.).

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