Create your gift card program on demand

Your corporate and B2C clients have different expectations so we offer two distinct journeys for an optimized, high-performance gift card platform.

A gift card program for your B2C customers

A gift card program for your corporate clients

A tailor-made solution for you

rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

The solution is easily deployable in days without altering your information system in anyway.


Comprehensive backoffice

Easily manage your gift cards (follow-up orders, promotional campaigns,etc.).


White brand

Totally personalized interface with your colors for a single customer experience.



We work on performance.


SaaS Mode

No installation and update. We host the solution as well as managing maintenance and updates.



The e-gift card purchasing interface can easily be set up abroad, handling several currencies and languages.

An omnichannel gift card for your B2C customers

 Gift Card Plus is a rapid and new way to acquire or retain your customers through a gift card using your own brand name. An electronic (e-gift card), physical (gift card), and omni-channel (purchase and use via all distribution channels) solution.

Sell your physical and digital gift cards on your website

Optimized customer experience : the entire interface has been designed to meet the needs of your customers and maximize the conversion rate.

Customers can customize gift cards (message, photo, etc.) in a few clicks to offer a unique gift.
They can buy an e-gift card as a group via the group gifts functionality.
They have the choice of several options: print, immediate or scheduled dispatch.
Beneficiaries can spend the gift card on the website or in stores.
The gift card can be used partially several times.

Sell your physical gift cards in your physical stores

A simplified process. A unique global solution to manage your physical gift card program from manufacturing through to distribution in stores.

Connecting you to printing partners

Gift card activation and debit: access to web services or the InStore services solution with no integration required

Monitor activity in real time

Dedicated reporting

Why choose BuyBox?

plug and play

Plug & Play

Simple and fast to deploy



A R.O.I solution



Up to 2 new features/year

plug and play

Plug and Play

Simple and fast to deploy



A R.O.I solution



Up to 2 new features/years

A gift cards service dedicated to your B2B clients

Gift Card Plus Business allows to sell your gift card to businesses and company committees. An opportunity to expand your income through various incentive programs and employee rewards.

Sell your physical and digital gift cards to businesses and company committees

Adapted to the needs of your professional clients : the interface meets the requirements of businesses by simplifying and placing gift cards purchases online.


The professional buyer has an account to purchase gift cards.

They can order batches of personalized (message, visual, etc.) gift cards or e-gift cards in a few clicks.

They have a history of purchases, invoices, and can monitor open orders.

The recipient company gets the physical gift card rapidly via optimized manufacturing and shipping.

The purchaser activates physical gift cards directly via their client account to secure cards.

Expand your gift card sales

To make your e-gift card program perform better and reach further, distribute your gift cards through BuyBox Network. A network that brings high traffic to brands gift card service.

BuyBox expertise

Loyal to its customers, BuyBox is constantly enriching its e-gift card solution through a significant investment in R & D. The solution covers all aspects necessary for the streamlined service operation: customer experience, marketing, implementation, payment and security.

Download the latest white book

digital gift card ebook
 How can I acquire new customers and their loyalty via the e-gift card? This white book provides an overview of different aspects of this solution and the resulting performance for brands.