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gift card

Create your gift card for individuals

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eGift card

Create a digital version of your gift card

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B2B gift card

Open up your gift card service to companies and employee benefits committees

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BuyBox Network

Distribute your e-gift card through a partner network

Omnichannel gift card

Quickly create an omnichannel
gift card service

New behaviors observed in your customers have led us to introduce an omnichannel gift card. Available in physical or digital format, it can be used either in a physical store or on your brand’s website.

Create an omnichannel service
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Offer an efficient user experience and features

Backed by several years of development, we have introduced a specific, optimized customer journey to meet the needs of your customers.

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Easily manage your service using a single interface

Managing a gift card service can be complex. That’s why we’ve set up an intuitive back-office interface that lets you control every part of your solution. 

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Manage a gift card program on an international scale

Do you have a presence in multiple countries? Our solution takes into account the different currencies and characteristics inherent in each country’s gift card market.

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How is Selency speeding up its growth using e-gift cards?

Selency was looking for new ways to acquire customers and gain brand awareness. To help achieve this goal Selency chose BuyBox in order to create its gift card program from A to Z, with a flexible card that could be adapted to all sales channels. It chose

Read the Selency case study

e-Gift card

Quickly launch
your digital gift card

Our turnkey solution allows you to roll out a high-performance e-gift card service. The entire interface has been designed and built to meet the needs of your customers and maximize your conversion rate.

Launch your digital gift card
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Offer an optimized order interface

We offer an optimized conversion and UX interface. The order page is tailored to reflect your brand’s colors, DNA and image for an optimized experience across your digital platforms.

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Create an omnichannel gift card program

More than just an e-gift card, we give you the option to create an omnichannel card that can be spent at your physical and/or digital points of sale. Our services can be tailored to work with your current gift card program.

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Access advanced marketing and promotion features

The e-gift card is an effective way to gain customers and build loyalty. To leverage this strategy successfully, you can quickly launch promotional and targeted loyalty campaigns through our interface.

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How did L’Occitane increase by four its sales of e-gift cards in 4 years?

L’Occitane en Provence was looking to dematerialize its physical gift cards and offer an adapted ordering path on its e-commerce site. With BuyBox, it went much further and transformed its service into a gift card program.

Read the Occitane en Provence case study

B2B gift card

Open up your gift card service to your business clients

Take advantage of the optimal way to sell your gift cards to companies and employee benefits committees. This service helps meet the requirements of professionals by simplifying and digitizing card purchases.

Create a B2B gift card service

Offer your business clients an optimized customer journey

Companies and employee benefits committees don’t have the same expectations as individual customers. We have therefore developed an efficient interface for ordering gift cards with features tailored to the specific needs of this target market. This will help you set the bar high with your rewards program.

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Access a flexible solution in your own environment

If you already have a gift card system or have specific constraints, we can adapt to suit your needs. Our flexible white-label solution helps you quickly add value to your current gift card program.

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Easily manage your B2B gift cards

Our solution allows you to manage your B2B gift card program using a single interface. It has all the tools you need to succeed, including reporting, customer management and monitoring, and brand image.

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How does La Redoute automate its B2B gift card program?

La Redoute is looking to reach a maximum number of potential targets and multiply business opportunities. Specifically, the brand wants to accelerate its efforts on the B2B target. It launches B2B gift card program with BuyBox, and an order path dedicated to professionals, companies, employee committees and HR.

Read La Redoute case study

BuyBox Network

Increase your gift card sales
through distributors

Expand the distribution of your gift cards to third parties and easily manage your network via our single API solution.

Distribute your gift card
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Access a network of strategic distributors

Save time and resources by leveraging our relationships with market-leading distributors and more specific players, including partners, distribution platforms and employee benefits committee networks.

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Easily control your brand image

You can carefully select the players that best reflect your brand image. You are fully in control of managing all your partners at all times.

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Automate and secure all your flows via a single API

Thanks to our API, the process is fully automated and secure, so you can focus on what’s important. With a 360° view in real time across all channels, you can gauge the impact of your activities.

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How did alinea increase by 4 its gift card sales to resellers?

alinea was one of the first brands to launch a gift card. It quickly targeted professional customers, and resold its card to third party distributors. However, the manual process quickly became time consuming. alinea chooses BuyBox to automate the resale of its gift card and to accelerate partnerships.

Read the alinea case study
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