Which marketing strategy for brands on Mother’s Day?

by | 11 May, 2021 | CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Whether it takes place on March 27th in the UK, May 29th in France or May 8th in the US, Mother’s Day represents an important special event every year in more than 50 countries around the world. This modern holiday is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. For a very long time, this day has been seen as an opportunity to have a good time with your family while celebrating your loved ones.

This family moment generates an economic spill ever year as it represents now the second biggest gift-giving holiday, after Christmas. Therefore, it has an important economic impact in many countries and is a real boost for sales. For example, Americans were planning on spending around $28 billion on Mother’s Day in 2021 with an average of $205 for their mother. In France, around 80% of people celebrate that day and the average budget is €52.

Brands usually experience a revenue surge during that period, especially those of the most gifted items such as flower shops as well as beauty and cosmetic brands. And as digital is an integral part of our lives nowadays, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for e-commerce stores to increase their online sales, boost their visibility and get closer to customers. But what can they implement to yield the best results?

The need to take advantage of social media

Set up a special campaign

Once the consumers have been well targeted (because, yes, all mothers don’t have the same needs, expectations, desires or passions), brands can launch their special Mother’s Day campaign. It usually takes place around two weeks before D-Day and the first step could be, for example, an emailing to existing customers who will be delighted to see that their favorite brand thinks of them first.

Then, whether is it by creating a page dedicated to Mother’s Day shopping, posting the ultimate gift guide, creating a themed board or promoting special deals, it is also an opportunity to create special visuals for the occasion, visuals that customers will keep in mind.

Social media shopping: a significantly growing channel

Today, nearly 77% of social network users have purchased once via a social media channel. Social media have evolved in a way that allows brands to offer users to buy their products and services directly on the platform, even without ever leaving it.

For Mother’s Day, many consumers turn to social media for gift ideas. Therefore, it can be interesting to implement direct purchases on these platforms. This channel is growing significantly and brands embracing and leveraging it will be able to increase profits. Moreover, this purchasing process is shorter, more fluid and less intrusive for customers, which is not insignificant when you consider that shopping for Mother’s Day usually starts 3 days before.

An opportunity to bond with customers

Mother’s Day is all about bonds. It is a way for brands to forge closer ties with their customer base by amplifying their emotions. To present real women with a real story on social media, for example, could help to create a much more genuine emotional connection with customers. It is necessary that brands, during that period, show their audience they understand what they’re going through and offer relevant value outside of just products. This will help to turn casual shoppers into long-term and loyal customers.

It can also be an opportunity to engage customers to leverage a brand’s social media. For example, it could be playful to share a giveaway and ask the followers to post a picture with their mother using a special hashtag. This type of campaign can help raise brand awareness.

Think about influence marketing

Another important point would be to incorporate influencer marketing in a brand strategy. This form of modern marketing where brands hire social media creators with influence in specific areas to talk to their own audiences about the various benefits of a brand or product offers many benefits. It has now become an increasingly important part of the digital landscape and is a powerful strategy to boost brand awareness.

Working with influencers offers a more targeted approach, especially with millennials who are the primary target for this market. For this target group that is much less sensitive to historical advertising, it represents a relevant angle of attack.

This faster and more affordable strategy also allows strong social proof. By creating compelling content, influencers get their followers to act. They have a strong prescriptive power on customers and help generate word of mouth.

An omnichannel strategy to offer the best experience

Delivering an optimal customer experience

Customers want to buy in the way that is most convenient for them. Indeed, 75% of consumers go through several channels before making a purchase and expect brands to be able to deliver a seamless experience across channels so they don’t have to start their buying journey from scratch every time. Hence, an omnichannel experience is the best way to deal with the variety of means available to them and to deliver an optimal customer experience for Mother’s Day. It can take several forms.

Implement a digital gift card program

Gift cards are becoming consumers’ favorite gift in many countries and it’s not a surprise considering they meet consumer needs and expectations. Indeed, they are quick and easy to purchase and allow buyers to get them until the very last minute. Its digital version, the e-gift card, can be selected in an instant, in just a few clicks. Those who used to spend hours choosing gifts for their friends and family appreciate this all-in-one solution that helps them save time and effort.

The second advantage is that most of these e-cards are omnichannel, which means that they can be purchased and used both in-store and online. The cardholder will therefore be free to go to the shop of her choice, whenever she wants to.

Moreover, e-gift card can be personalized so that brands offer a tailor-made experience. Buyers are facing a wide choice of brands, products and services, and will surely find the gift card that will please the woman they cherish, whether it is from a brand she likes or a brand she doesn’t know yet but might like.

Use m-commerce

The last few years were a time when the mobile commerce industry witnessed a kind of unprecedented growth. Retailer traffic on mobile devices increased by 12.7% compared to the previous year and, today, 76% of purchases in France are made on mobile phones. Moreover, mobile payments are rising and expected to replace credit and debit cards after decades of being the preferred method. This doesn’t come as a surprise since mobile payment has the advantage of being quick, wireless and effortless.


As a consequence, m-commerce represents a big issue for brands on Mother’s Day and is in line with an omnichannel strategy. And with the number of mobile users currently at more than 5 billion and growing, as far as trends go, there’s nothing to indicate that mobile commerce growth will stop anytime soon.

Mother’s Day represents a major issue for brands which need to capitalize on the excitement around this holiday. For that, they can use several strategies but must rely on digital to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

However, Mother’s Day is sometimes judged too commercial by some, which can lead to a boycott. That is why brands must be careful and pay attention to what consumers really want. The same rules can apply to others celebration days such as Father’s Day or Grand Parents’ Day even if those ones are less popular and usually less celebrated.

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