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Shared Purchase

We will provide you a custom kitty service. So that let your clients make a group purchase (for a gift, a trip etc.)

With the BuyBox Shared Purchase custom kitty service, funds from friends, family, work mates can be collected and combined, then used to purchase from gift lists (wedding, birth), for joint gifts, to prepare for a group trip...
Directly on your website, and on your website alone.

The Carrefour Christmas wish list 'Ma Family List'

Carrefour, a worldwide leader in large-scale retail, has partnered with BuyBox to implement a wish list service with the aim of increasing client acquisition and strengthening its online brand image.

In order to meet this request, BuyBox has implemented a personalized solution based on its kitty service technology.
The entirely white-label, service allows families to create their own Christmas lists and to share them with friends and parents who can then contribute towards buying the gifts, especially thanks to a kitty.
The wish list's beneficiary can then use the collected money to obtain a gift card, which can be used across the Carrefour network.

Carrefour Wish List

how does it work?

For the Merchant

  • 1Integrate the solution directly within your payment gateway, on your e-commerce platform or use our API.
  • 2Launch a campaign to promote your new service, targeting your customers and online community.

For the User

  • 1A shopper creates an online kitty on your merchant site. They then invite others to participate, utilising social networks and their personal address book.
  • 2Each participant pays their share by credit card. Payments are credited directly to the regular merchant bank account (as a prepayment).
  • 3Once the total has been collected, the shopper can then use the kitty on your website as a means of paying for the order. Or it can be given as a gift voucher.

The reasons to organise a kitty are many and varied :

Group travel, housesharing, birthday presents, anniversary presents...
Leaving gifts, wedding gift lists, baby showers...


Online kitty can be customised using your own colours and logo: banking parameters are included, so that contributions are paid in to your usual merchant account.
Social networks and emails are used to send out invitations appealing to contacts to participate in the kitty.
The kitty may be given as a Gift Voucher, which is valid for your entire site.
The kitty can be used as a means of payment on your website at checkout time.
Management of cancellations and refunds, according to current regulations.
Management of supplementary payments, when the balance in the kitty is insufficient.
The kitty can be used more than once.

Maximise your performance indicators

x 5

Amplify customer acquisition

For each purchase, on average, there will be 5 times the number of participants.

x 2

Double the average cart value

Benefit from the group effect and double the value of the average cart.


Cost effective from the first year.

social Payment is a marketing tool with a guaranteed ROI.

a turnkey service

Rapid integration via payment gateways or plugins.

Magento Prestashop

Customise the module using your own colours and logo.

Solution available as SaaS or API.

Secure technology and fully integrated with payment gateways.

No financial middleman.

Zero impact on your current system.

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