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Sharing the cost of a purchase or using more than one card for a payment, is an everyday occurence.

The BuyBox Multicards payment system, allows shoppers to use more than one card to complete their order. In this way, a purchase cost may be shared over several cards, or amongst friends and family. Directly on your website.

BuyBox Multicards and Belambra

Belambra is the France leader seller of holidays packages (hotel clubs). Directly implemented in the payment gateway of the Belambra web site, BuyBox Mutlicards allows customers to split the payment on several bank cards.

About 10% of the customers decide to use this feature and, on average, 3 bank cards are used to pay an order.

90% of the customers consider this feature as essential.

Multicartes belambra

how does it work?

For the Merchant

  • 1Set up the service and aid payment for high-value cart totals.
  • 2Launch a campaign to promote the Multicard service to your customers and online community.

For the User

  • 1On the checkout page, the shopper selects the 'Pay with several cards' option.
  • 2They select the number of cards to be used, and enter the details one by one, until the cart total has been reached.
  • 3The order is finalised without any modification to your usual process.

Buying a holiday, purchasing furniture or luxury jewellery...

For a group purchase, it is common to share the payment with several cards or people.


Banking parameters are included and your usual merchant account is used.
You specify the maximum number of credit cards that can be used.
Payments are successive, up to the total cart amount.
Authorise all the cards accepted on your website.
Management of all cancellations and refunds, in line with current regulations.

maximise your performance indicators.

Improve your conversion rate

Reduce the problems of credit card spending limits.

Develop client loyalty

Helping the payment process, leads to a more positive experience for the shopper.

Reduce your costs

Fewer manual payments (cheques, bank transfers etc) for your Customer Service to process.


Cost effective from the first year

BuyBox Multicards is a marketing tool with a guaranteed ROI.

a turnkey service

Rapid integration via payment gateways or plugins.

Magento Prestashop

Customise the module using your own colours and logo.

Solution available as SaaS or API.

Secure technology and fully integrated with payment gateways.

No financial middleman.

Zero impact on your current system.

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