Access instantly to a network of gift card distributors

Drive more gift card revenues

Are you looking to grow you e-gift card sales via a network of distributors? Do you want increased visibility and recognition for your gift cards? BuyBox Network will give you access to a network of partners.

A real aggregator

Along with our partners, distribution platforms and loyalty programs networks, we help you select, launch and manage your e-gift card distribution program.

A solution to optimize your network of distributors securely

A trusted relationship

Save time by connecting instantly trusted partners. A network that’s constantly expanding, offering you a vast array of participants who are new business opportunities for your gift card program.

Process management

Selecting partners, organizing terms, handling orders, payments, gift card activation. We have a dedicated system to ensure the process is simple yet effective.

Controlling your brand image and reputation

You can carefully select your partners so that they are in line with your brand strategy. You have full control and manage all of your distributors at all times.

Support with strategy

We help you develop your e-gift card distribution strategy and we assist with picking out the most relevant channels for your activity.

Performance analysis

You will have a 360-degree view of what is happening, with access to customized reports so that you can follow the impact of your gift card distribution and performances, channel by channel, in real time.



The solution adapts easily to your situation. Whether you have a physical card, e-card or no card, we can integrate you into the network.

Create your gift card program

A gift card is a key element in any brand’s strategy. The service you offer should be suitable for both B2C and B2B clients. At BuyBox, we have created two optimized, multi-channel journeys for each of these two markets.

Why choosing BuyBox ?

Continually improving performance and the user experience, BuyBox changed updates its service with new features every year. Because the digital gift card is primarily an on-line payment method, BuyBox has secured the solution with a unique algorithm to combat fraud.

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